origins of mimulilu

Meg with a fresh mohawk
No pity, just party




Um, so, MiMuLiLu???

In order to answer this, my dated mass communication principles compel me to use the Five W’s and that One H. . .


  1. What? Milk Mustaches & Living Lupie.
  2. Who? Meg Matthews, who lives and works with as much silliness as a Milk Mustache, and whose creations are made with (and for) Love, Understanding, Patience, Utility, and Simplicity.
  3. When? Things started falling into place in 2013 during the height of my chronic illness pity-party and really began to click after the move West.
  4. Where? The sereneĀ Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2013 to wild Western Washington in 2014.
  5. Why? To focus on a life of well-being, both physically and mentally, to embrace my creativity, and not hide from the world any longer.
  6. How? By learning, exploring, creating, and healing. . . the start of which was to mash up four words that kept swirling around in my Lupus brain fog.

    Meg in an apron
    Ready to focus

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