a nevus can leave us

Annual Eye Exam and Monitoring for Lupus Medications

I have worn glasses and visited the eye doctor every year since I was nine-years-old, so I’m not generally nervous about appointments, even with new offices, but these days I find myself sweating even the ‘routine’ exams. Because of the medication for Lupus, Plaquenil, I have to be extra-cautious about my eyes because it is known to cause retinal detachment. . . ew. But there’s also ‘normal’ accompanying eye illnesses that usually come along with AutoImmune Disease, like Sjogrens, which is a severe dryness of all mucous membranes. . . again, ew. But it’s not just that these issues are gross, they can mean that I lose my eyesight, or are just very uncomfortable.

So, I’m a little overdue for this year’s exam and headed to a new office. . . one that seems like a good find based on internet searches and stopping in for a few questions. The staff is small and everyone is genuinely friendly and well-skilled and I felt like they all listened to me and helped me make the best decisions for my eyes. I had to have my eyes dilated, which is something I’ve been avoiding since my first medication-monitoring visit because it brought on the most awful symptoms that I’ve now come to expect from my UV sensitivity. But I did it. . . I felt like my eyes were on fire, the room was melting, and I’d just been hit by a bus, all while having the flu and a panic attack. But I did it. And I survived. And my eyes are healthy.

I don’t know how it happened, but my right eye has gotten a little stronger and my left is staying the same, which after 20+ years of both getting worse, I’m very pleased with. Also, my right eye has had a nevus (it’s like a freckle) since after high school, but now it seems to be getting lighter and smaller. . . not a big deal either way, but interesting to note. Maybe all my new clean living and supplements are paying off!

my right eye

This was a lot of excitement for me, so I was out of commission for the rest of the day and had a rough night. But I go back in a couple weeks to have a fancy scan of my rods and cones and assuming my brain doesn’t melt, I’ll let you know how it goes 😉


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