MiMuLiLu began in 2013 after Meg Matthews left the work-a-day grind to focus on health and happiness. In the process she learned how to embrace her creativity and decided not to hide from the world any longer. . .


MiMuLiLu is a play on the phrase Milk Mustaches and Living Lupie, a little motto I created to express my renewed outlook on life over the past several years. Milk Mustaches started with my high school and college nickname, milk, and evolved to incorporate my childish charms, like that of a mustache created by a beverage. Living Lupie describes my life with auto-immune diseases like lupus, which often causes me to feel a bit loopy, but it also reminds me to focus on the important things within myself and my home.

In 2013 I left the work-a-day world to focus on a life of well-being, both physically and mentally, following the diagnoses of several Auto-Immune Disorders. I am using this new lifestyle to learn, explore, create, and heal. . . all while loving and enjoying my husband and the beautiful moments we share.


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