I am sap…Someone tapped my tree once, but after only a small flow, I hardened and stopped… once in a while I warm up just enough to ooze a little, but I’ll never know the feeling of that energy 🌳🍃🍂


unleashed woman

I have wanted to paint this lady from an anonymous sketch I’ve had for a long, long time… thanks to a Woman Unleashed, I made the space to try, and she is more spectacular than I imagined she could be… and she is more inspirational than I thought possible 💭💞

moon child

As Sexual Assault Awareness Month and National Infertility Awareness Week come to an end, I have been working hard in therapy again and have reached a point this week where I’ve learned the importance of acknowledging and caring for my inner child(ren). This is not easy work for someone who has experienced childhood trauma and it has been made harder in recent years through my struggle of not having a child of my own.
But comfort comes from many places, and usually for me it is through the written word. . . and so it is quite apropos that for this year’s Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day I am clutching tightly to the poem ‘Moon’ by Billy Collins, which caught me by surprise when I found it this past week in the book “Courage to Heal”… this one will stay with me always 🌕🍃🥀