perfectly productive

The first half of September is shaping up to be quite productive around here. . . so much so that it caught up to me this past weekend and I’ve been moving and thinking like I’m stuck in a bowl of pudding. And not in a good, “Awwww, puddin’” kind of way, but just a slow and sticky mess.

But leading up to it, there’s been good things happening inside and out. . . I started off nursing Mr. Husband and his on-the-road cold, so we’ve both been eating extra healthy and drinking our tea, and I’ve still managed to ward off his cooties! To freshen things up afterwards, I washed linens and pillows and caught-up on a few other chores and am looking forward to a few warm days this week to open up the windows again. I managed to reclaim both of our desks from piles of papers and stacks of stuff and I continued around the home office to make a workspace for myself after organizing supplies and projects old, new, and in-progress. In the process I rediscovered the dining room table while Mr. Husband found the garage floor under the recycling.

We’ve pampered a few potted plants on the deck for fall and transplanted a few hearty herbs to the yard around the old tree stumps. Mr. Husband worked hard to gather the largest pieces of wood from the tree he cut down last month and stacked it for the upcoming season. I watched him do all that work, so I know it was hard!

We also researched a new ‘tea’ to feed the bees in fall and winter and after checking in the hive Mr. Husband set them up with a new feeder. Unfortunately it seems the ‘wild’ hives in the fir trees are probably the result of our hive splitting up, but the remaining girls have a good honey supply for themselves and may still have a queen, but it’s so hard to tell. FYI, I stand nearby and watch Mr. Husband take care of all this and pretend to know what’s going on.

The weather has been just-right and I’m glad the sun is shifting for fall. . . summer sun is just too much for me so the partly-cloudy days and crisp nights are my reward for toughing it out.



I am finally coming down and waking up from a weekend full of family of friends. . . It’s taken me nearly ten days to recuperate and catch-up after my parents’ 50th anniversary because it was such a whirlwind of hugs and laughter, food and fun, and decorations and hard work!

Every one of our visitors and party guests enjoyed themselves and were eager to celebrate my mom and dad and their love for each other. It was also one of my uncle’s birthday, and it was extra-special for him to recall standing next to my folks at their wedding 50 years ago ❤

We had more family together for this weekend than has happened in a long time, especially for such a joyous event, and I’m thankful my body didn’t get in the way. . . My reserves are drained, but I’m motivated to keep working and creating, after I fully recover from the party excitement and muddle through the next monthly flare. September will be mine.

rebound to party bound

I’m rebounding from this month’s flare, and just in time. . .  this weekend is the big 50th anniversary party for my folks and they we are hosting over a dozen family members for a couple of days. All the planning, shopping, and prepping are coming together, and it’s going to be fantastic! I’m excited about my decorations, sure, but I’m also overjoyed that I’ll be with so many of our family and friends  Oh, and I hid a few happy, little GHRocks while I was out and about today 🙂