a nevus can leave us

Annual Eye Exam and Monitoring for Lupus Medications

I have worn glasses and visited the eye doctor every year since I was nine-years-old, so I’m not generally nervous about appointments, even with new offices, but these days I find myself sweating even the ‘routine’ exams. Because of the medication for Lupus, Plaquenil, I have to be extra-cautious about my eyes because it is known to cause retinal detachment. . . ew. But there’s also ‘normal’ accompanying eye illnesses that usually come along with AutoImmune Disease, like Sjogrens, which is a severe dryness of all mucous membranes. . . again, ew. But it’s not just that these issues are gross, they can mean that I lose my eyesight, or are just very uncomfortable.

So, I’m a little overdue for this year’s exam and headed to a new office. . . one that seems like a good find based on internet searches and stopping in for a few questions. The staff is small and everyone is genuinely friendly and well-skilled and I felt like they all listened to me and helped me make the best decisions for my eyes. I had to have my eyes dilated, which is something I’ve been avoiding since my first medication-monitoring visit because it brought on the most awful symptoms that I’ve now come to expect from my UV sensitivity. But I did it. . . I felt like my eyes were on fire, the room was melting, and I’d just been hit by a bus, all while having the flu and a panic attack. But I did it. And I survived. And my eyes are healthy.

I don’t know how it happened, but my right eye has gotten a little stronger and my left is staying the same, which after 20+ years of both getting worse, I’m very pleased with. Also, my right eye has had a nevus (it’s like a freckle) since after high school, but now it seems to be getting lighter and smaller. . . not a big deal either way, but interesting to note. Maybe all my new clean living and supplements are paying off!

my right eye

This was a lot of excitement for me, so I was out of commission for the rest of the day and had a rough night. But I go back in a couple weeks to have a fancy scan of my rods and cones and assuming my brain doesn’t melt, I’ll let you know how it goes 😉


perfectly productive

The first half of September is shaping up to be quite productive around here. . . so much so that it caught up to me this past weekend and I’ve been moving and thinking like I’m stuck in a bowl of pudding. And not in a good, “Awwww, puddin’” kind of way, but just a slow and sticky mess.

But leading up to it, there’s been good things happening inside and out. . . I started off nursing Mr. Husband and his on-the-road cold, so we’ve both been eating extra healthy and drinking our tea, and I’ve still managed to ward off his cooties! To freshen things up afterwards, I washed linens and pillows and caught-up on a few other chores and am looking forward to a few warm days this week to open up the windows again. I managed to reclaim both of our desks from piles of papers and stacks of stuff and I continued around the home office to make a workspace for myself after organizing supplies and projects old, new, and in-progress. In the process I rediscovered the dining room table while Mr. Husband found the garage floor under the recycling.

We’ve pampered a few potted plants on the deck for fall and transplanted a few hearty herbs to the yard around the old tree stumps. Mr. Husband worked hard to gather the largest pieces of wood from the tree he cut down last month and stacked it for the upcoming season. I watched him do all that work, so I know it was hard!

We also researched a new ‘tea’ to feed the bees in fall and winter and after checking in the hive Mr. Husband set them up with a new feeder. Unfortunately it seems the ‘wild’ hives in the fir trees are probably the result of our hive splitting up, but the remaining girls have a good honey supply for themselves and may still have a queen, but it’s so hard to tell. FYI, I stand nearby and watch Mr. Husband take care of all this and pretend to know what’s going on.

The weather has been just-right and I’m glad the sun is shifting for fall. . . summer sun is just too much for me so the partly-cloudy days and crisp nights are my reward for toughing it out.