on display

I’m looking to reserve space in a nearby Fall Swap Meet and have been keeping an eye out for local craft fairs and holiday bazaars to join as well. . . there’s also talk of weekend pop-up space in a shopping center in town that sounds promising. In preparation, I’ve made a few product displays and signage to use at my table and am stocked with business cards and other sales accessories, handmade of course!

I’ll let you know details of when and where I’m setting up, and what, exactly, will be available for purchase ūüėČ

I’m so pleased with how great my prototypes and first-runs look and how well the displays turned out!!!


bunny no. 1

My first knit bunny is an adorable success and he’s going to live on Mr. Husband’s desk!

(inspired by Pinterest – no definitive link)

sew many aprons

When I started to stay home full-time and decided to begin artsing (and sometimes fartsing) I found I wanted to make the days easier by wearing simple, comfortable, and functional clothes. . . I thought about how women have worn aprons for generations before me and how the only time I see it now is in Montessori classrooms, art classes, and cooking, so I wanted to revive the habit. . . and save my favorite clothes (and time picking them out!) in the process.

My inspiration and motivation to get sewing was my Grandma Winnie’s Mushroom apron, a bright pink, cotton piece with a large pocket on the front that is silk screened with a colorful group of mushrooms.

Inspiration Piece - Grandma Winnie's Mushroom Apron
Inspiration Piece – Grandma Winnie’s Mushroom Apron

I have different aprons for different activities, like cooking, gardening, daily homemaking, and for creating and getting messy. . . I enjoy the simple design of the cross-back, or Japanese, aprons and find them easy to sew up. I have one more to make with two cute fabrics, but that’s a gift, so no sneak-peeks. There’s also¬†a little pile of fabric left to be made into waist aprons, which I’ll use as work belts for sewing or shop work, and then my collection will be complete!

I had fun photographing these aprons the other day. . . The yard was quiet, except for a goofy stellar jay and a few other little birds, and a nice breeze helped my subjects move into beautiful poses.

Fresh sheets on the clothesline
Fresh sheets on the clothesline

And yes, I do use the clothesline for laundry. . . mmmmmm, fresh sheets tonight!