I’m gathering my thoughts and materials for two new personal projects. . . and I’ve got an idea for a third project that will probably insist on getting in the way of everything else I’m working on 😉

A giant, heartfelt THANK YOU to Kathy and Phil, Sharrai at Holly’s Fine Flowers, and Lorna for the wonderful supplies that you’ve contributed to my craft room ❤ I can’t wait to share what creations come from these goodies!!!

wonderful supplies

on display

I’m looking to reserve space in a nearby Fall Swap Meet and have been keeping an eye out for local craft fairs and holiday bazaars to join as well. . . there’s also talk of weekend pop-up space in a shopping center in town that sounds promising. In preparation, I’ve made a few product displays and signage to use at my table and am stocked with business cards and other sales accessories, handmade of course!

I’ll let you know details of when and where I’m setting up, and what, exactly, will be available for purchase 😉

I’m so pleased with how great my prototypes and first-runs look and how well the displays turned out!!!

it’s a major award


It’s only mid-month but this prestigious honor is being awarded today. . . to me! I put in three good days of work this week, prepped for weekend guests (family, yay!), and stepped waaayyy out of my comfort zone to start on a path of better mental health.

I’m looking forward to enjoying tonight’s Harvest Moon and the coming of Fall by sharing it with family around one of my favorite dinners, Harvest Pot Roast in the crockpot. . . yum!